How to have more Lego but to spend less on it
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Everybody loves Lego. Those colorful sticky bricks truly was a genius idea. You can hardly meet a kid who does not like playing Lego. They can build out any toy they like, a house, a car, a boat or even unnamed creature. Variety of minifigures adds to the fun.

What stops one from buying tons of Lego is its price (another problem is storage, but i will talk about it in my other posts). Lego sets, especially big ones, can cost dozens of dollars. That is why many parents either refuse buying Lego and prefer cheaper replicas (which are usually of worse quality) or buy Lego only on big occasions, like birthdays of Christmas.

Good news is sales. They happen pretty much in every store selling lego. Then stores give away Lego sets at lower price.Discounts vary from a few dollars to a significant reduction. Obviously, those sets are sold out fast. How can one monitor discounts in different stores without daily visiting each store website? The answer is !

Here on we monitor prices for you. Few times a day the robot collects data from retailers and update pricing and availability for each set. You can see where the lowest price is and go shopping straight there. You will charge no extra commission: you would pay as much as the store pricing is.

The set you want is easy to find. Just enter its number or name in the search field on this website. You can also search by series (themes). Check our home page daily to see what today’s best deals are. Don't miss out good discounts and HAVE FUN WITH LEGO!