Are you AFOL?
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I definitely am! I wondered what AFOL meant when i was scrolling down my followers on Legogram. I googled it and found out: it stands for Adult Fan of Lego. It’s one of the most popular hashtags in the Lego community in Instagram, also known as Legogram.

Why do grown-ups play toys? A few ideas:

  1. Lego lets your creativity out. Creativity is when you make something new and valuable. Even you have just a couple of Lego sets, combinations are endless. How valuable it is, depends on your creativity as well. At least, you can make a pic of it and collect some likes in Legogram.

  2. Lego gives you limits you need. I cannot say you can do whatever you want out of Lego. That would be an exaggeration. You are always limited by bricks and accessories you have at hand, forms and color of bricks. But that even adds to development of your creativity. A true artist is always tight of resources.

  3. Lego has a strong community. Lego lovers like to communicate and share. This is a truly international hobby.

  4. No special skills required. You can start building right as soon as you have a handful of parts from one or multiple sets. Easy to start, and easy to put off till later if grown-up things need to be done first.

  5. From easy to hard. Even though it is easy to start building out of lego, it does not end there. Check out impressive creations in Legogram or stunning pictures of someone’s lego universe and you will see how far talented people can go.

  6. You can play it with your kids. There are not too many things to do with your kids that would be interesting for both older and younger ones. The age doesn't matter (unless it’s a baby, be aware that they like swallowing parts), it is actually leveled up. You all play as equal.

  7. Your own universe. There is something really attractive about building a little universe of your own. Being a king of your own Lego kingdom feels so good. Especially at moments when we feel that in the big real Universe we are so small and not that important.

  8. Lego is easy to buy. Lego is sold in pretty much every corner of the world. If you are lucky to live in a country from our list, you can check out best pricing for Lego sets in your area.

  9. Lego is easy to store. Parts do not take much space, especially if they are unsorted and stored together. Lego bears sun and low temperatures, so you can store them in the basement or attic or even outside.

Lego is easy to sell. The last but not the least is that Lego is really easy to get rid of. The last thing you can do with your lego is throwing it into a plastic waste can. First, try selling in on Ebay, Bricklink or your local flea markets. If you do not succeed in selling, bring to the local primary school. Or ask your neighbors, I am sure their kids would love to get extra parts.  But I have a feeling once you have it you will never want to sell it :)